How to Find High DA and DoFollow Blogs for Blog Commenting

It’s a known fact that you have to continue to build back links in order to achieve the top rankings in search results. If you create ordinary or low quality back links, then it will be hard for you to take your competitive keywords to the first page. This is why it is crucial to acquire high DA and DoFollow back links if you want to achieve success.
Blog commenting has made it easy for SEOs and website owners to create high quality back links and give a significant push to their websites. There isn’t any other link building method that can allow you to achieve dozens of high DA back links instantly.
It All Sounds So Good…But There is a Problem!
Now, you must be thinking, “Hey! Let’s go and do some blog commenting on High DA and DoFollow blogs and hit the first page of Google in no time.”
Well, I wish it was so easy!
The problem is that it’s not easy to find High DA and DoFollow blogs for commenting especially if you are a newbie.
But, there are certain tools that can make your life easier and allow you to find High DA and DoFollow blogs easily and comfortably.
Tools that Can Assist You in Your Venture:
There are 2 tools that I am going to share with you today that will allow you to find high DA and DoFollow blogs.
These tools are:
1. SEOquake
2. NoDoFollow Plug-in
Let me now tell you how they will help you.
1. SEOquake:
You will have to download this toolbar. Simply Google this term and you will find their website in less than 1 second.
This tool will help you see the DA of a web page or blog before you open it.
Let me explain… You will have to use Google to find different blogs. For example, if you are creating back links for a website that offers ‘medical supplies’, then you will Google different terms to find relevant blogs, such as:
Blogs for medical supplies
Medical products blogs
Medical practitioners’ blogs
In the search results, along with the URLs of relevant blogs, SEOquake will show you the DA of each page as well. So, if you see a page with 0 DA, you will not have to open that page at all.
2. NoDoFollow Plug-in:
Simply Google this Plug-in and it will take you to a proper download page. This plug-in will help you see if a page contains NoFollow or DoFollow links.
So, after you visit a page, you will see all the links highlighted. You will see two different colors: Pink and Blue.
Pink refers to NoFollow links and Blue refers to DoFollow links.
So, after you look at the comments and see that they are all blue, then it means it’s a DoFollow blog and your back link will be DoFollow as well.
I highly recommend that you hire Tornado Links to get High DA and DoFollow blog comment backlinks.