Is Blog Commenting Still Effective for Link Building in 2021?

No one can deny the fact that when it comes to online traffic you get the best and the most targeted traffic through search engines, mainly Google. This is why you must strive to appear on the 1st page of search results if you want to bring buyers to your website and skyrocket your sales and profits.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization allows you to create your website according to the guidelines of major search engines and increase your rankings. If you want to rank high even though your keyword is extremely competitive, then you will have to create back links on a continuous basis to witness a boost in rankings, because creating back links is the most powerful way of improving your keyword rankings.

This is where blog commenting comes in. Blog commenting in effective link building methods is all about visiting different blogs, writing comments and creating back links to your website. This way, you can create dozens of DoFollow and High DA back links and give a powerful push to your keywords.

Is it Spamming?

To some people, blog commenting is actually spamming. They think that this method is useless and you can’t get any benefit through blog commenting.

Well, to be honest with you, our experience tells us something totally different.

If you are running a blog, then you need traffic and to make people stay and participate, you need an active blog. So, when someone writes a comment, it will make your blog look lively. Therefore, in return, if they get a back link, then there is nothing wrong with it because they are contributing towards making your blog a huge success.

So, when an SEO expert writes a comment, they actually help make that blog active provided that the comment is relevant. If they are typing gibberish or nonsense, then, of course, they should be rejected. But, if there is a good comment with a link, then it can’t be considered spamming.

High DA/DR Back Links via Blog Commenting:

Just like accepting guest post on your website It’s not easy to get High DA/DR back links. When you submit an article or bookmark a page, you don’t get a high DA back link instantly. The fastest way to acquire high DA back link is called… Blog Commenting!

You can post comments on pages that have already achieved a high DA, such 70, 80, 90 or even more. You can’t get such powerful back links through other methods.

So, blog commenting is not spamming and if you want to enhance your rankings significantly, then it’s best to turn to ethical blog commenting service to enjoy amazing results.