Is Social Bookmarking Still Efective in 2021?

A social bookmarking website allows you to ‘bookmark’ or ‘save’ your favorite links online, so that you don’t forget them and can access them later on with a computer and an internet connection.
If you use your web browser, such as Firefox, to save your favorite links, then you will not be able to access them if you use another computer later on. Therefore, social bookmarking sites provide a great comfort and ease to online users by allowing them to save their favorite links online.
Traffic and Rankings:
Along with this amazing comfort and ease, social bookmarking allows you to increase your traffic as well as search engine rankings.
You might scratch your head and say, “How is that possible? How can I get more traffic and better rankings through social bookmarking?”
Let me share the benefits of social bookmarking in detail now to help you understand how social bookmarking can play a crucial role in making your online business successful:
More Traffic:
When you visit a social bookmarking website, you have to sign up first. You will then have to submit your favorite URLs to save them. The best part is that you can socialize with other members too who have signed up on the same website.
You can become friends with other members and like what they post, save or share. In return, they will like your links too and, in fact, visit them as well. After other members ‘like’ your link, their friends will be able to see them as well and your link will become more and more popular.
With popularity, you will gain more traffic through social bookmarking sites.
Better Rankings:
Yes…Social bookmarking helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well. It allows you to get a back link and improve your rankings in the search results. Search engines want you to create authentic back links. Thus, by bookmarking your links, you can authentically create a link that will point to your website.
You can bookmark all the pages and give weight to all your keywords and landing pages. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites out there and you can literally create thousands of powerful and genuine back links simply by bookmarking your pages.
So, as you can see, social bookmarking helps you grow your online business with ease and comfort. With more traffic, you can definitely expect more customers and sales.