Powerful Mixture of Various Link Building Methods

Who doesn’t want to dominate Google and enjoy the top rankings? Well, we all do. However, the problem is that it’s not so easy to achieve the top rankings if you are working on highly competitive keywords.

You will have to create back links on a continuous basis to enhance your keyword rankings and achieve your goals. However, you must employ different tactics to show that you are not a spammer. For example, don’t just focus on directory submission or just blog commenting alone. Include different link building methods in your strategy and create back links from various sources.

Let me share a few powerful and proven strategies with you that will allow you to give a significant boost to your rankings. Plus, they will prevent you from getting penalised as well.

Article Marketing:
You will come across some internet marketing gurus who will condemn this method of link building. To them, article marketing is a waste of time. Well, I respect their opinion, but the problem is that, in reality, their opinion is not valid.

If you utilise the power of article marketing, you will soon begin to witness its effectiveness as your keywords will begin to go up and up towards the top.

Blog Commenting:
Just as some internet marketing gurus condemn article marketing, there are some gurus who are totally against creating back links via blog commenting service. According to them, this is spamming and this method brings no results.

Realistically, if you comment on some High PR and DoFollow blogs with a link pointing to your website, you will see a significant boost in your rankings. A fresh article will take some time to get some PR, but you can go to a blog post that has a good PR and create your link there.

Blog commenting will become spamming if you write irrelevant comments. If you contribute and share your valuable insight, then you definitely deserve a back link in return. Thus, it will not be spamming at all.

Social Bookmarking:
It’s a great way to save your favorite websites and links online… and it’s a great way to increase your website rankings in Google as well.

Social bookmarking allows you to create links that point to your website. With your keyword in title, this practice will definitely help you boost your keyword rankings in a very short period of time.

Tornado Links help you utilise all these techniques to create back links for your website and increase your rankings easily and ethically.