Search Engine Optimization vs. Social Media Marketing

There was a time when search engine optimization was an extremely hot topic. Now, Social Media Marketing has appeared as its enemy, because a lot of marketers think that SEO is the game of the past.
A lot of businesses are turning to social networking sites to build their reputation and increase their customers. They have turned away from SEO and are now focusing on SMO to connect with people.
Now…The question is: Is SEO really dead? Should we think about making a move to Social Media Marketing as well?
Let’s take a look at the importance of search engine optimization first and then determine if social networking has indeed replaced it or not:
The Importance of SEO:
Even though a lot of people today turn to Social Media sites to get an answer to their questions, most people turn to search engines and different SEO strategies to find what they need, especially buyers.
Let’s suppose you want to buy something quickly. Will you visit a social networking site and ask where you should buy it from? Or, will you prefer to search for the desired product online?
Even if you post your question on a social networking site, how many responses will you receive and how long will it take? What if you have added 50 or 60 friends only? What’s the guarantee that they all will log in momentarily and see your question? What’s the guarantee that all your friends know about the product that you want to buy?
Doesn’t it seem so hectic?
It sure is!
This is why people turn to search engines for help. A few simple terms allow them to find what they need.
Remember, the most important aspect of SEO is that you can reach hungry buyers just when they are ready to purchase your products or services.
The Importance of Social Networking:
No one can deny the power of Social Media Marketing. We live in a time where people like to connect. Therefore, it is extremely important for businesses to establish their presence on social networking sites.
However, it will not be possible for you to find tons of hungry buyers there. This is why it’s best to use social networking sites to build your credibility and humanize your business.
Don’t focus on just one method. Utilise the power of both search engines and social networking sites to grow your business nicely and strategically.